Cryptomoeda mining company announced that its repayment plan came to an end with the delivery of 4,634 units of Bitcoin.

NiceHash announced that it has returned more than R$ 534 million in Bitcoins to users who were part of the company, which suffered a hacker attack at the end of 2017.

With the announcement of the refund from the mining company, the former customers of the platform celebrated the unexpected receipt of the balance in Bitcoin that was stuck in the business.

Shortly after the hacker attack, NiceHash announced a reimbursement plan for customers affected by the stolen cryptomites. In total, in the last two years the platform has paid 4,640 units of Bitcoin (BTC).

NiceHash deposits cryptomote

The mining company NiceHash announced that it has completed the program to return values in cryptomoedas to customers who were part of the platform.

According to the announcement released by NiceHash on Wednesday (16), users received the remaining balance in Bitcoin in cryptomoedas portfolio addresses.

„On December 16, 2020 we can fully refund all users affected by the security breach in December 2017“.

In total, the company returned 82% of the amount due to users, and said that the reimbursement program will be terminated. According to NiceHash, the amount owed reached 100.4% of the amount lost by users with the hacker attack.

The program, which began in February 2018, has now ended on December 16, 2020, just after Bitcoin Pro approached $24,000 in the market. The company has paid customers through commissions and profits it has made in the last two years.

„The Refund program began on Friday, February 2, 2018, and 82% of the old balance was successfully refunded to all users who were affected by the security breach.“

Hacker attack

The NiceHash platform was invaded at the end of 2017, causing the company to lose more than US$ 55 million, or even R$ 278 million, which belonged to thousands of investors who were part of the business.

Thus, in current values the total amount owed by NiceHash to clients is equivalent to $ 556 million, considering the valuation of cryptomeda over the last two years and the U.S. dollar exchange rate this Thursday (17).

„At the time, our company was victim of the greatest robbery in the history of Slovenia. Still unknown criminals stole 4,640 bitcoins from our users, in the value of US$ 55 million at the time and more then US$ 100 million today“.

Return of Bitcoin

The return of Bitcoin by NiceHash surprised some users who had cryptomorphs in the platform. The company’s announcement was celebrated at BitcoinTalk, where investors confirmed the receipt of transactions from the hacked company.

One of the users asked in the forum if the refund was completed after alleged complaints about the NiceHash program. He thanks about the refund notice and says that he received the balance in Bitcoin back in a portfolio for external cryptomaps, located in an exchange.

„Thanks for warning, I didn’t expect that. At the time, I was using an external Poloniex wallet and it’s a good thing that the address remains the same until today, even after the change of management of the exchange. Finally, after three years“.